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JavaScript Charts: Collection of Most Popular JavaScript Charting Libraries

Posted on May 12, 2013

JavaScript Charts?

JavaScript charts a very handy way to visualize data in web applications. You can visualize your data in a beautiful way by using JavaScript charts libraries. Through this post we sharing most popular and rich javascript charts libraries there.

Google Chart Tools

Google Chart Tools are very poweful JavaScript Chart Tools to create interactive charts in web applications. Google charts are highly customizable and are supported on cross browser and cross platform (iOS and android devices). It uses HTML5/SVG for modern browsers and adopt VML for older IE browsers. It has very powerful and rich API to create stunning charts in your web applications. Google charts are free to use in personal and commercial projects.

javascript charts google charts


Chartjs is a standalone JavaScript Charts library. It use HTML5 Canvas element to draw beautiful graphs in modern browsers and and polyfills provide support for IE7/8. It is a lightweight JavaScript charts library that can draw different type of graphs such as line charts, bar charts, radar charts, pie charts, polar area charts and Doughnut charts.

JavaScript Charts library Chart.js


Highcharts is a pure JavaScript library for creating beautiful and interactive charts. It supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart types.

javascript charts highcharts

The library is compatible with all major browser and also run on iPhone and iPod. Thee library support tooltips, text Rotation for Labels, zooming and inverted Chart or Reversed Axis. Through a full API you can add, remove and modify series and points or modify axes at any time after chart creation. Higcharts library is free for non-commercial.


dhtmlxChart is a pure JavaScript library to draw beautiful charts on your web page. dhtmxchart is highly customizable charting library. You can set custom tooltips,scales or labels for your chart. It can load data dynamically and can use ajax to draw charts on the web page. dhtmxchart provides the feasibility to load data form different sources such as XML, JSON, JavaScript array, or CSV. The library supports line, spline, area, bar, and pie charts.

javascript charting library - dhtmlxchart

The dhtmlxChart library has been written entirely in JavaScript and can be used with any server side language.


Flot comes as a jQuery plugin to draw attractive JavaScript Charts in browsers. It use HTML5 Canvas element to plot graph in modern web browsers. It has a rich API to draw different kinds of graphs such as line, bar, pie, gantt.

JavaScript Charts Library Flot


Elycharts is a open source JavaScript library for creating beautiful and good looking charts in your web applications. Elycharts is a customizeable and easy to use library that supports many types of charts such as line charts, area and areaspline charts, column charts, bar charts,pie charts combined line charts and area charts.

javascript charts library elycharts

The library supports theming, tooltips, animations and lot of other features. It works with all major browsers. Elycharts library is purely based on JavaScript so there is not need to flash enabled on client browser to show charts. Just include JavaScript files, do some configurations and see the graphs ruining on your web pages.


Flotr2 is another interesting JavaScript charts and graph library. It is standalone JavaScript library that has support for mobiles and old browsers. Using Flort2 you can draw lines, bars, candles, pies and bubbles graphs.

JavaScript Charts Library Flotr2


gRaphael is JavaScript charts library for Raphaël. Raphaël is a small JavaScript library which simplify work with vector graphics. gRaphaël supports Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+.

javascript charts library graphael


AwesomeChartJS is a small JavaScript chart library based on the HTML 5 canvas element. It supports vertical and horizontal bar charts, pie charts and doughnut charts.

javascript charts library awsomechartjs


xCharts uses d3.js to create beautiful and custom data-driven chart.

javascript charts library xcharts


Chartkick is a JavaScript library to create beautiful Javascript charts with one line of Ruby. But Ruby chartick is not depent on ruby and you can create charts with simple JavaScript API too.

javascript charts library chartkick


Smoothie charts is a small JavaScript library for live streaming data charts. It comes under MIT License.

javascript charts library smoothie

PieCon: Progress Pie Charts in Favicon

Piecon is tiny javascript library inspired by Tinycon. Tinycon is a small javascript library to manipulate favicon i.e; adding alert bubbles or changing the favicon image dynamically. You can see live demo of tinycon here

Piecon allows to generate pie charts progress pie charts in your favicons dynamically. You can set the color and shadow of pie charts in favicons. Piecon is supported in Modern browsers such as IE9+, Chrome 15+, Opera 11+.

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3 Comment(s)

  1. I noticed you did not include any of the commercial solutions such as HighChart, ZingChart, or FusionChart. These are great libraries and should be included in the list.

  2. I would also suggest to include amcharts and ammap – Scrollable, zoomable, supports time series and has lot’s of chart types, including gauges. 2D/3D. They also have JavaScript maps.

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