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JavaScript UI Controls For Twitter Bootstrap: Fuel UX

Posted on November 19, 2012

Twitter Bootstrap is a amazing responsive css framework. It comes packed with many cool JavaScript plugins and UI controls. It contains common UI controls such as dropdown menus, button dropdown menus based on JavaScript. Fuel UX adds more fuel (UI controls) to existing Twitter Bootstrap UI controls.

twitter bootstrap controls fuel ux

Fuel UX is built on the top of Twitter Bootstrap to add additional clean and lightweight UI controls. Fuel UX are well documented UI controls and the source currently contains following javascript based UI controls.


Combobox can be used to combine input and dropdown for easy data selection.


Datagrid can be used to show data in tabular form. Pagination, searching and sorting can also be applied.


Pillbox allows you to easily manage selected items with coloured labels.


This controls add search functionality to a input.


Spinner can show a numeric input with increment and decrement buttons.

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